« …to someone who doesn’t want it.» – Jacques Lacan


Series of Seminars at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Vitória.

Subject of the briefing was «Amorous en-laces and unlaces», studies based on the book from Colette Soler «Lacan – The Unconscious Reinvented».
Loving someone can make you believe that by loving them you’ll get to a truth about yourself. To love, you have to admit your lack, your ‘castration’ as Freud used to say, and give it to the other. It’s giving something else that you don’t possess, which goes beyond you. Loving feminises.

The words were build by hand using paper, photographed and edited for the poster.

I found the font Samba™ to be the most suitable to express the en-laces and unlaces of love relationships.



Poster for a series of Seminars.


Lígia Quintanilha, Psychoanalyst and member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis Vitória, Brazil.

What I Did

Reading, Paper Art, Photography, Image Editing

Lacan En-laces and unlaces of love relationships, castration, amour, seminars,
enlaces desenlaces amorosos quadro sobre relações amorosas Lacan Psicoanálise. Handmade paper Art for poster seminars lacanian school of psychoanalysis Lacan and Love relationships