Every year Grafitusa, the biggest printing company in Espírito Santo (Brazil), brings out a Kit to be send as a promotional New Years present to a selected group of clients. As the company is concerned in applying sustainable and environmental-friendly practices, I tried to find ideas that could high-light that.

The Logo, as it resembles a paper rolled on both edges, gave me the idea for the paper art. 3D-numbers made of paper only, filled with small quilled paper rolls, to illustrate the Grafitusa Calendar Kit 2013. I built several panels, re-using and recycling ordinary paper stripes.


They were photographed and used in the design of the Kit. This was a collaboration work with the Agency Criativa Propaganda


Grafitusa Kit 2013


Agency Criativa Propaganda for the printing company Grafitusa.

What We Did

Kit with Calendar and Organizer, 2013

What I Did

Development of the idea and I built the handmade 3D Paper panels, with the numbers of the months and of the year 2013. The paper stripes used were provided to me by the printing company.

Work process

Grafitusa Kit 2013