Experimental type design work

Lady America Type  was started in 2012 as an experimental Foundry. During that year  I was assisting Prof. Ricardo Esteves Gomes in his Foundry Outras Fontes (www.outrasfontes.com) and learning how to design typefaces and full fonts, experimenting with kerning and more.

Modern Dresses Dingbats is a personal project and my first own font.

How does the Font work?

Each glyph can be used as a single image or it can be mixed (model + dress) into a Fashion Look. The combination occurs automatically, by typing first a number (Model) than a letter (Dress). It creates a overlay of the two glyphs.

It’s very playful!

After installing it in your computer’s Fonts folder, you can use it with applications that have a font-menu, such as Word, Photoshop and so on.

First type a number (0−9) to pick one of the 10 different Models. Than choose one of the 52 Dresses (small letters or capitals) and you get a look.

There are 520 possible combinations and more, if you add colors and textures.

Feel free to try it out!

The Font is available as a freebie. After filling in your name, country and e-mail address at the check-out,  you will receive your instant download link via email.

For further technical support, please just contact me.