«The first requisite of civilization is that of justice.» ― Freud


The objective of the conference, Psychoanalysis & Law 2012 « Violence today ― Possible means of restoration» was to provide information and discussions on topics of violence, victim support, probation, mediation, and psychoanalytical applications in restorative practices. For example through the sharing of pertinent case examples on how restorative justice can be used effectively, or by sharing learnings as to how Psychoanalysis in a restorative justice approach is practiced nowadays and how it can prevent violence.


As an illustration for this conference, I created an image of a broken glass that was “restored” using text, which flows under and above the broken pieces of glass, filling the gaps. The image is a result of an experiment; first breaking a glass (an act of violence), and then trying to “restore” it using light, paint and finally words (all are essential tools of Psychoanalysis).


Identity and campaign material for a 2-days Conference.


Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis Vitória (ELPV), Brazil.

What I Did

Research and reading. Creation of broken glass image, photography and image editing. Poster, Flyer, Social Media Banners, Email Invitation and Folder.