This editorial project was based on an independently carried out research on Typography and Type Design in Brazil. The goal was to understand better Typography, its rules and some of its effects in different cultural contexts (German vs. Brazilian). It became a book (in German) titled Typografie in Brasilien — compiled, laid out and written by myself. The book  is divided in 4 main topics:


  1. Short history of the development of typography in Brazil
  2. Vernacular typography
  3. Typedesign in Brazil
  4. Interview with designers

University Diploma project on editorial design

What I Did
  • Reading sources. Research in Brazil. Travels around the country to photograph and collect different examples of vernacular typography in Brazil. Visit to the exhibition «Tipos Latinos» in São Paulo.
  • Analyze of material and writing of texts (in German).
  • Interview with 67 of the most well-known Brazilian Type designers (or designers with relevant work based on typography).
  • Jury with Prof. Anna Berkenbusch to make a selection of the best collected projects from the designers I interviewed, in order to reduce the volume of book material — 26 got selected.
  • Translation of the 26 designers interviews from Portuguese to German.
  • Design and Layout of the book and documentation materials. Contact with printer and bookbinder.
  • Open doors project presentation at the University.

The Book: Typografie in Brasilien (Typography in Brazil)

A short Layout presentation