Hi! My name is América Cantarino.

I can help you communicate efficiently in many interesting and visually compelling ways through color, type, photography, paper art, animation, illustration and various kinds of design. I love to work on everything from brand identities, to websites, editorial projects, social media, wedding invitations and anything else that can benefit from a creative touch.


I hold a Diploma-Designer degree in Communication Design from the German University of Arts and Design — Burg Giebichenstein (equivalent to an European MA degree). After my graduation I started as a freelance designer and I have been very fortunate to work with interesting clients on a great diversity of assignments. I am constantly looking for new ways to do my work, through research, learning new softwares and techniques. I enjoy handmade processes and aesthetics very much. Normally I work starting from scratch, creating unique images for each project. I’m a firm believer in the memorable and lasting effects of creative and original communication.


Your questions and comments are always welcome, please get in touch.

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Delft · The Netherlands