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People do many different things to relax. Some days I like to just do origami. There is somehow a zen factor to it, while your fingers are busy folding and unfolding paper, mind gets calm. I am a fan of Jo Nakashima origamis, it's fun and creative. Its amazing how a piece of paper can be transformed into something completely different and sometimes really complex.
7. June 2020
crafts for kids EventsKids

Crafts for Kids

During my volunteer work for Shell Outpost in Oman we organized this events "Crafts for Kids", this was the invitation for it.
5. June 2020

Pepakura paper sculpture

    For my boys birthday I had to prepare a "traktatie", little gifts to give to their friends at the birthday's celebration at school. So I've build these cute paper Bees and little boxes with honing sweets and candies.
26. May 2020

2020 Card

  Celebrating New Year with the clients! With a printed card, a nice gesture from the painting company Houtekamer.  
21. May 2020


Here is one result of a little experiment using Processing. Playing with basics of computer programming to exctact text from a photo.
3. April 2018

Play Delft!

Hello there! I have started a new personal project that is slowly getting shape: PlayDelft. As a garden-less Mom of twin boys, I found myself in need of finding outdoors spaces to take my boys to play. But also to be able to enjoy sunshine, fresh air and all the benefits of Vitamine D myself! I started searching playgrounds, green spaces, football fields, public gardens and so on in the online available Delft city maps. We we took off on daily little adventures, that we call our “Tuin Jacht”. Delft is a city full of nice hidden spaces, some of its…
16. August 2016

CartoDB map visualization

Hello everyone! I decide to start writing the posts in English from now on. I got complaints from friends that would like to understand the texts as well (thanks for that! ☺).   It has been for a while now, that I am passionately interested in understanding the process of investigating large amounts of data. Specially in how to present and design data visualizations. I'm taking different approaches and making some experiments with the available tools.   Last week, it was about using Processing to project a data-set onto a map. I finished an online class at Skillshare (with Nicholas…
7. March 2016