Experimental type design work

Lady America Type  was started in 2012 as an experimental Foundry. During that year  I was assisting Prof. Ricardo Esteves Gomes in his Foundry Outras Fontes (www.outrasfontes.com) and learning how to design typefaces and full fonts, experimenting with kerning and more.

Modern Dresses Dingbats is a personal project and my first own font.

How does the Font work?

Each glyph can be used as a single image or it can be mixed (model + dress) into a Fashion Look. The combination occurs automatically, by typing first a number (Model) than a letter (Dress). It creates a overlay of the two glyphs.

It’s very playful!

After installing it in your computer’s Fonts folder, you can use it with applications that have a font-menu, such as Word, Photoshop and so on.

First type a number (0−9) to pick one of the 10 different Models. Than choose one of the 52 Dresses (small letters or capitals) and you get a look.

There are 520 possible combinations and more, if you add colors and textures.

Font for sale at Etsy!

The Font is available for sale at Etsy

Please visit my shop.

For further technical support, please  contact me.