Play Delft is a non-profit initiative advocating for more outdoor play!

Delft is a city full of nice hidden spaces, some of its bests playgrounds are difficult to spot, even when you are out looking for them.

PlayDelft is meant to share reviews of playgrounds and hidden playing areas of Delft, with description, photos and most importantly, clear directions, to encourage parents (and grandparents) to take the children to spend more time playing outside. 

You can find the blog here www.playdelft.com



Free personal project / non-profit initiative

What I Did


I started searching playgrounds, green spaces, football fields, public gardens and so on in the online available Delft city maps. We we took off on daily little adventures, that we call “Tuin Jacht”. I documented and wrote about each play area, made the Blog, organized the photos, worked on map.

After the Blog went online, more (Adventurous) Authors joined this initiative, collaborating with posts, photos and directions for the map. 

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